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  • Muzzleloader In-line muzzleloaders are allowed in Kansas. Iron sights, red dots and scopes (any power) are allowed during the muzzleloader season.
  • Firearms Most shots will be between 100-200 yards. The traditional Whitetail calibers are very well suited for our season (270-280 30.06 7 mag).
  • Archery Archers can use either traditional or compound equipment. We require a minimum of 40 lbs. pull. Hunters are asked to use a fixed blade broad head with a combined head and shaft weight of approximately 400 grains.
  • Upland hunters can use any gauge shotgun theyare most comfortable with, but a
  • 12-gauge with 6-9 shot is our recommendation.
  • Turkey hunters are required to use shotguns 20-gauge or larger with a shot size of
  • 2-6, we recommend 4 shot.