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Archery: 5 Day Hunt

The archery season spanning the months of October and November encompass the pre-rut and rut period. Habitat including riparian areas, fencerows, waterways and shelterbelts are well suited for the archery hunter, creating the classic bottleneck stand location. We hunt from a combination of ladder stands, hangers and ground blinds. Our staff spends months selecting and setting stand locations. We will have dozens of stands in the field to take advantage of wind and travel patterns. One of the advantages we have at Kansas Unlimited is that we are on site 365 days a year observing these animals in all seasons. Stand heights, due to the limitations of timber, usually run between 12 -15 foot. Stands are set along field edges and travel corridors taking advantage of pre-rut and rut activity. Shots are normally between 10 to 20 yards with the average shot being 18 yards. Kansas Whitetails are large bodied, heavy boned animals (average weight 220 lbs.), we ask our hunters to shoot a fixed blade broad head with a combined head and shaft weight of 400 grains. We ask that all animals meet the following minimums – 4 pt per side, wider than the ears, taller than the ears, 125 class Whitetail.

Firearm: 5-Day Hunt

Kansas offers two firearm seasons, muzzleloader and rifle. Muzzleloader season is held in late September and early October. At this time, the bucks are still in bachelor groups and feeding patterns. As a result, we concentrate our hunting efforts on food sources – soybeans, alfalfa and food plots. Due to the timing of the season, we can still see the lingering temperatures of summer. Animal activity will normally be early and late trying to avoid the temperatures of mid-day. Muzzleloaders in the state of Kansas may be equipped with scopes of any power. Sabots and smokeless power may also be used.

Rifle season is the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving. This is a post peak rut hunt. There is usually some secondary rut activity but the peak of the rut is past. This hunt concentrates on the riparian areas, fencerows, waterways and travel corridors. All hunts are conducted from a combination of ladder stands and ground blinds.


Eastern and Rio Grande

Kansas is home to a thriving turkey population. The birds are seen in both the croplands and timber of the state. Turkey hunting is relatively new to the state of Kansas so the birds are not call shy as they are in the more traditional hunting strongholds. Kansas also offers the archery hunter a good opportunity to harvest a bird. We conduct our archery hunts from archery blinds over feeders giving the archer the opportunity to draw and release an arrow undetected by the sharp eye site of the birds.


The Keya Paha region of Nebraska (North Central) is home to strong population of Merriam’s Turkey. This area of deep canyons, pine trees and river bottoms offers ideal habitat for the birds. We hunt these birds along the break country of the Niobrara River. This is a traditional turkey hunt, calling birds from the roost, fields, and ridges as they feed.


Hunt Kansas Unlimited, Inc. offers both rifle and archery hunts in North Central Nebraska. This region known as the Keya Paha is a region of farmland, sand hills and deep canyons. The region is drained by the Niobrara River and is home to both Mule Deer and Whitetails. The Whitetails will range from the 100 to 140 class. The Mule Deer will be 3x3s and 4x4s with good tine and main beam length with respectable mass.

Archery: 5-Day Hunt

Our archery hunts are conducted in late October to early November. Temperatures should be mild in the 40s range. This is the pre-rut to early rut period with the Whitetail bucks in an active search mode. Stand locations will be concentrated along field edges and travel corridors. Shots will be 25 yards and under. Hunters are welcome to bring their own stands. Archery permits are available over the counter.

Rifle: 5-Day Hunt

Nebraska’s rifle season is held in mid-November and the rut activity is normally well underway. Our Nebraska rifle hunts are conducted in the sand hills and breaks of the Niobrara River. This is one of the truly unique ecosystems in North America. This hunt offers hunters the opportunity to harvest either a Whitetail or a Mule Deer. We utilize tree stands, ground blinds, spot, and stalk based on the topography of the area. Shot opportunities can be long due to the openness of the country. Hunters should be capable of shooting out to 250 yards. Flat shooting rifles are the norm–270, 280, 30-06, 7 mag.


All hunts are fully guided and hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs or we can provide quality pointing dogs. Kennel facilities are available on-site to house your dogs. To ensure a quality upland experience, we hunt a combination of wild and released birds. The Kansas Upland season starts in mid-November running through late January. Come to Kansas and experience some of the finest upland hunting in North America!

  • Bobwhite Quail are one of the most fun and exciting birds to hunt. Their explosive covey rise and rapid flight make them a challenge for any hunter. These exciting birds are found in mixed cover and along field edges in coveys of various sizes.
  • Ringneck Pheasant are the “big game” of upland hunting. The ruckus a rooster makes when flushed causes the most seasoned gunner to come unglued! We concentrate our efforts in the CRP and crop fields of Kansas, historically one of the most productive upland areas in North America.